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How Automated Forklifts Can Benefit the Material Handing Industry

Posted November 24, 2021

Material handling has always been necessary for almost every industry or business. With product demand and complex manufacturing on the rise, the supply chain is also becoming more complicated. As a result, material handling is becoming more of a challenge as the popularity of online shopping and the customer demand for instant gratification increases.

Meeting these demands has become difficult for businesses as there aren’t enough people to do the work within warehouse walls. However, modern technology allows companies to rise up to the challenge by implementing automation into their warehouses, especially by way of driverless forklifts and automated guided vehicles (AGVs).

Although these lifts are extremely helpful in meeting business needs, it also takes time to set your warehouse up to accommodate driverless forklifts – In some cases, up to a year or more. Here’s how driverless forklifts and AGVs can help meet the demands of customers, now and in the future.

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Increased Safety

Humans get bored of repetitive tasks, causing them to take shortcuts when it comes to their jobs. Unfortunately, operating forklifts can be a repetitive job that could cause people to take shortcuts.
In warehouse settings, forklifts are used to lift thousands of pounds of materials, which can result in accidents if operators are not being cautious. In fact, forklift accidents cause thousands of injuries and at least one fatality per week in the United States. Driverless forklifts can help combat safety issues in the workplace as they are programmed to stay safe without any distractions.


No More Supply Chain Delays

Although efficient, people working in a warehouse can cause delays. Not through any fault of their own – humans have needs. Anything as simple as drinking water, going to the bathroom, or taking a break can cause supply chain delays. Since machines don’t require breaks, driverless forklifts can reduce and even eliminate delays on the warehouse floor.


24-Hour Operations

The demand for quick delivery of products will only increase in the future. Due to this, there needs to be more operating time within warehouse walls. Having multiple driverless forklifts in your warehouse can help your business thrive without the need to keep workers on for a night shift.


Other Benefits of Automated Forklifts

Warehouse automation and automated forklifts can come with a handful of other benefits for those with materials handling needs. Consider cost savings, reduced labor costs, increased efficiency and even increased productivity other benefits of using automated forklifts.

While the demand for recurring services will only increase, this doesn’t mean humans will lose their warehouse jobs. Driverless forklifts still need to be programmed and maintained – both of these operations can only currently be performed by humans. Technology and innovation, even in the warehouse space, can help your business thrive.

Naumann Hobbs is dedicated to resolving any material handling needs you may have, including AGV lifts. Give us a call, our material handling experts are ready to assist.

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