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Industry Expertise

We Know Material Handling ​

The Know-How for All Full-Service Solutions

When your business is ready to accelerate, it means you have an opportunity to reevaluate your operations and material handling processes. Naumann/Hobbs is your ideal partner regardless of your goals or the industry you’re in because we bring the industry insights gained from decades of experience and hundreds of clients. 

We Know Warehouses

We have seen warehouses of every variety, from always-on tightly run ships to inefficient operational messes, and we know what works best and why. We have developed a data-driven approach to warehouse management, layout, and design. Before undertaking any design or solution work, we audit existing systems and work with clients to develop their ROI. We then customize our recommendations to integrate into a business’ existing operations, processes, and systems. 

We Know Project Management

For material handling solutions, we assign a project manager who oversees and facilitates the delivery of seamless solution implementations, on time, through precise planning and effective communication. From solutions development to installation, from permitting to final client approval, our project managers are meticulously detailed throughout the project. Changes to your existing operations would typically cause disruptions, but our approach to project management mitigates these hiccups and ensures smooth transitions and satisfied customers.

We Know Equipment

Businesses often know when they need new equipment, but sometimes don’t realize that there are better equipment matches for the types of work they’re doing or the spaces they’re working in. At Naumann/Hobbs, we are experts in all the material handling equipment, from which type and brand of forklift will work best for different tasks, to which types of racks will best accommodate your storage needs. When it’s time to invest in equipment, we can guide your acquisition process and decisions to ensure that it is ideally suited to achieve your goals.

We Know Your Business

We come to all projects with extensive experience in a range of industries and insight into solutions for each. But we also place a premium on getting to know your business specifically—how you’re looking to grow, what your current pain points or slow downs are, what you value and how you work—so that we can develop goal-oriented solutions that measure up to and beyond your metrics of success.

The Naumann/Hobbs Team


Naumann/Hobbs Material Handling was founded in Arizona in 1949. As the industry, technology, and business needs have changed and grown, so have we. With our history and experience guiding us, we pioneer innovative solutions for our customers.


Naumann/Hobbs is always looking for great new people with a customer service mentality and an eagerness to learn. We offer a competitive salary and excellent benefits package.