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Plan the Best Warehouse Racking System

Posted June 6, 2022

Material handling is an essential part of getting all kinds of products to all kinds of consumers. Markets are competitive and move quickly, which means warehouse and fulfillment operations need to be streamlined. The right kind of warehouse racking system can help logistics professionals overcome the challenges of today’s market and keep up with fast-paced needs.

Every company has unique needs to operate at peak efficiency. The right warehouse racking system can help material handling professionals make the most of their warehouse space to save time and labor while streamlining operations. 

Naumann/Hobbs understands the needs of your material handling business and is prepared to be your strategic partner in warehouse racking system solutions. Learn more about storage options to keep operations moving at the speed of business.

What Is a Warehouse Racking System?

A good warehouse racking system is essential for making the most of the storage space in your facility. In the simplest terms, a warehouse racking system is a kind of storage system that allows you to stack material, usually in horizontal rows. Warehouse racking systems include industrial and warehouse storage racks and shelving.

There are many benefits to partnering with Naumann/Hobbs when you need warehouse storage racks. The ability to design a custom warehouse racking system that meets your specifications and standards combined with competitive pricing and turnkey implementation allows you to remain focused on your business while leaving the legwork to Naumann/Hobbs.

What Are the Types of Racking Systems?

All warehouses have their own unique needs. Regardless of whether you’re storing tires for a manufacturer, shipping products from a commercial fulfillment center, or running a USDA food-grade facility, racking needs vary from business to business. 

You need to know the options available to you when planning a custom warehouse racking system. While the experts at Naumann/Hobbs are prepared to go to work for you with warehouse layout and design services, general knowledge of the kinds of warehouse racking systems available can provide the framework needed to best meet your individual storage needs.

Regardless of the industry you are in, the right warehouse racking system lets you increase space utilization while streamlining operations. From flow racking systems to narrow aisle industrial shelving, let’s look at the types of racking systems available today.

Selective Pallet Racks

Selective pallet racks are among the most versatile storage systems available to warehouses. These racks can be used for a variety of different applications and provide easy access to stored materials. They are available in almost any size and can be customized to meet unique storage needs.

Double-deep Reach Racks

Looking to improve storage density? Double-deep reach racks offer twice as much storage space as other pallet racking systems thanks to the depth of each row. This kind of warehouse racking system is created by placing two rows of selective pallet racks next to each other, allowing easy access from both sides.

Drive-in/Drive-through Racks

Drive-in/Drive-through racks make pallet storage easy and accessible. The storage-to-aisle ratio makes maneuvering forklifts and other material handling easy. This kind of warehouse racking system might be best suited for storing large quantities of products with the same SKU.

Push-back Racks

Another high-density storage option, push-back racks allow you to store more products in fewer aisles. These racks are easy to configure and customize. They use free-rolling carriages to store pallets, which can be pushed back into the rack creating additional space to place pallets. Push-back racks are a space-saving solution for products with the same SKU.”

Pallet Flow Racks

Pallet flow racks let gravity do the work through elevated rails with wheels and rollers. The rolling track makes FIFO (first in, first out) operations easy by pushing pallets toward the end of the aisle as new pallets are loaded. Some systems can hold up to 20 pallets deep to truly let you maximize storage.

Carton Flow-Case Flow Racks

Most warehouse storage racks are designed for palletized materials. Carton flow-Case flow racks are designed to hold crated materials in a variety of sizes thanks to simple customization. Gravity flow wheels make handing materials easy and also support FIFO operations.

Cantilever Racks

Large or bulky items require special storage solutions. Cantilever racks are designed to hold items that might differ in size or length. They offer an easy solution to store materials like lumber, carpet rolls, wire drums, pipes, and bar stock. Multiple levels of storage can help maximize space.

Bulk Storage Racks

Bulk storage racks offer a hybrid solution between pallet racking and shelving storage systems. These solutions are designed to store heavy or bulky items like cartons, crates, and much more. They are highly customizable and can be configured to meet unique storage needs.

Specialty Warehouse Storage Racks

Sometimes warehouses and facilities need a special solution to storage needs. This is where specialty storage solutions can come in handy. Naumann/Hobbs has experience designing all kinds of solutions down to your specifications for efficient handling of all kinds of materials.

Tire Racks

Tires can be stored, displayed, and removed easily with specialty tire racks from Naumann/Hobbs.

Stack Racks

Stack racks make it easy to store items vertically. They can be easily assembled and disassembled, allowing you to move them and store items on an ad-hoc basis.

Empty Pallet Storage Racking

As products and materials come and go, you can be left with empty pallets. This kind of racking lets you store empty pallets in underutilized space.

Record Storage Racks

Document storage often requires its own kind of solution. Record storage racks are specially designed to hold boxes of documents that might be too heavy or bulky for other storage options.

Mobile Aisle Racking

Mobile aisle racking lets you slide shelves back and forth on a rail to maximize storage space. Aisles can be pushed together when not in use to open space or expanded to access products.

Having the right racking systems in place is just part of the equation. Learn more about how to organize your warehouse shelves from Naumann/Hobbs.

Warehouse Racking Systems from Naumann/Hobbs

Planning a warehouse racking system isn’t difficult when you understand the options available. The best warehouse racking system is one that works for your business.

Looking for more assistance? Count on the design and layout solutions offered by Naumann/Hobbs to implement a custom warehouse racking system that helps you make the most of your space through strategic utilization. Ready to learn more? Reach out to Naumann/Hobbs now and let our experts take the guesswork out of your storage and material handling needs.

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