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8 Benefits to Sanitizing Your Warehouse

Posted November 24, 2021

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Along with following the CDC hygiene guidelines, keeping your material handling equipment and warehouse space clean and sanitized is of the utmost importance.


The 8 Benefits of a Sanitized Warehouse

There are many benefits to ensuring your facility and equipment are clean and sanitized, including:

  1. A clean space can help keep your staff healthy and safe, meaning fewer sick days and more productivity.
  2. A sanitized facility can keep your business running effectively with no closures.
  3. Properly cleaning and caring for your forklift will maximize the value you get out of your truck.
  4. Your facility looks sparkling and professional.
  5. Your staff will have peace of mind, knowing that their workspace has been properly and professionally sanitized.
  6. After a thorough cleaning and sanitization, routine maintenance is easier to keep up with.
  7. Warehouses can attract mice and other vermin that can carry diseases. Regularly cleaning and disinfecting can keep these potential pests away.
  8. A clean workspace can improve pride in work and, in turn, work efficiency.


How Can Naumann/Hobbs Help?

At Naumann/Hobbs, we understand that your staff is busy and might not have the time or training to properly clean and sanitize your equipment and space. That is why we are now offering forklift and warehouse sanitization services.

Our basic services include the sanitization of warehouse equipment, such as:

  • Forklifts
  • Pallet jacks
  • Handheld scanners
  • High traffic areas, such as counters, door knobs/handles, and light switches

Call Naumann/Hobbs today for more information or to schedule a sanitization appointment, our experienced technicians are standing by eager to help.

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